The first three weeks of the Shannons Supercar Showdown have been intense. And the fourth week was no different!

Last week saw an elimination task involving the contestants battling it out on serious business, Arrow race go-karts. Sarah sadly didnt achieve up to standards, and was well wished home by her fellow competitors.

This week, things have heated up a little more. With a racing icon on the judging panel for week fours elimination challenge, how will everyone perform under his watchful eye? Interested to know who it is? Well you just have to watch the episode! (Video can be found below)

Week fours challenge focuses on driver changing the art of pitting successfully. Competitors will be piloting a Renault Megane RS250 around a short course, then told to pit correctly, change driver (with their team mate) and exit pit lane in a correct manner. Not stopping on the marker, changing gears in the pits and hitting cones out on the track all count as negative points during judging.

Furthermore, there is a little incentive challenge for the drivers too. A knockout style competition on a racing simulator will certainly show whos familiar with the famous mountain. The prize? Free food, free booze and free bowling!

So, which of our contestants will be going home? Who will win the incentive challenge and enjoy a round of bowling to help boost confidence?

Watch episode four below!

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