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    I was just reading over my previous thread from years ago, man i was a tool haha, so im going to start fresh, i dont have many pics to upload atm but they will come, here's a brief rundown on the car:
    ADM 1984 ae86 sprinter
    -all sound deadening removed
    -100% seam stitched chassis by previous owner
    -Cams approved half cage welded in all fabbed by me
    -spare wheel well deleted
    -rear side 'pods''removed and entire rear end under-bumper junk removed and simplified
    -seat mounts re-enforced
    -engine bay partialy shaved
    -rear guards fully tubbed
    -rear of tunnel removed and re-sheeted larger for diff clearance (still hits lol)
    -equal length 4 link setup

    20v silvertop 4age;
    *when i purchased this motor from SSS i got it home and stripped it externally bare, most of the junk was thrown away, everything that went back on was scrubbed and washed then painted, the block is silver 'alloy' and the sump, pullies and many other things are glittery charcoal metallic, my aim was to create a sim ple and clean motor, everything is painted fresh or anodised to make working on it as clean and as simple as possible as well as making it easier to fault find in the case of a leak
    -samQ full catalouge lol; trumpets, rear water bypass, front water outlet w/thermostat incl. side water blockoff plate, cop adapter plate, dizzy blockoff, rear lifting hook, braided clutch line
    -1nz coil packs
    -complete 2.25" exhaust with muffler close to engine and twin stainless 2.5 blast pipes"out back all fabbed by me
    -unifilter socks
    -4ag smallport flywheel and extreem hd clutch
    -stock t50 w/ ajps shifter rebuild
    -alloy rad
    -oil cooler w/ filter relocation and custom lines by me
    -new water pump
    -all new belts/tensioner & cam/crank seals
    -allumium air diversion plate by me
    -crank pulley lightened and the power steering pump/ aircon removed
    -battery rellocated to behind passenger seat w/ complete kill switch located in the engine bay
    -almost every bolt in the engine bay including on the motor and surrounds have been replaced with stainless steel cap head bolts to tidy things up and make it all more uniform
    -complete custom loom by adam? @kaizen garage running an adaptronic select ECU
    -power figures to come

    -HSD coilover kit w/ 7kg prings & ae92 (short) kyb excel g shocks
    -whiteline adjustable swaybar
    -ajps 40mm rca's
    -sigma LCA's shortened 10mm
    -longer rack ends w/ super pro rack bushes

    -GAZ comp coilovers w/ 6kg springs
    -shortened panhard by me
    - weldeds series diff soon to be T series w/ corona gt discs

    -stock allround but upgrades to come
    -R32 gtr BMC w/ ae86 booster
    -in cabin hydraulic hand brake all made by me with PBM braided lines

    -Bride zetta 3 fixed back
    -bmw recaro seat from the 80's for passenger
    -jdm interior w/ dash, door cards, carpet and trims, rear half stripped
    -suede sparco steering wheel
    -takata harness for driver
    -sparco quick release hub
    -JDM broadway rear vision mirror across windscreen
    -kenwood head unit & 4" speakers
    -defi lookalike oil temp guage
    -extended gear stick by me with 8 ball knob
    -custom stainless switch & relay housing underneath radio by me

    -Genuine URAS front bar
    -copy vertex sides and rear
    -jblood rear overfenders
    -Genuine Dmax bonet (yet to be painted)
    -Metal front guards flared and widened by me
    -Restored japan brand fibreglass hatch with Dmax ducktail moulded in.
    -re-furbished headlights
    -new genuine front corner lights (ADM)
    -rear boot rubber latches
    -aero catch flush bonet pins
    -shaved aerial hole in front guard
    -painted in 2 pac toyota xirallic/pearl white

    Superlights 15x10" all around, -12 up front & -26 at the rear running 205/50/15

    the car is also completely engineered and road registered, it was my daily up until the 20v went in not long ago, there is probably heaps ive forgotten but it will all surface over time
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