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Thread: Keihin 39mm Carbs, T50, TRD Greens and more

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    Default Keihin 39mm Carbs, T50, TRD Greens and more

    Need to clean out some parts that im not using anymore as i need some cash.

    1. Keihin 39mm Motorcycle Carbs - $250
    In great condition, came off a running bigport with mild cams. Doesnt have a throttle adaptor though, as i was just going to design my own.

    2. ADM T50 Gearbox - $300
    I have been keeping this as a spare for in case mine goes bang. Came out of my mates 4AC ADM Sprinter as he went W series. Its had a pretty cruisy life and never had a problem with changing gears. Comes with clutch fork, but no slave or shifter.

    3. TRD Green 8 way adjustable rear shocks - $180
    Bought these off a mate when he swapped to BC coilovers in his Trueno. Came out of an ex-Tomei car from Japan. I may have some rear springs to suit too, which will be available for a few extra bones, just gotta find them lol.

    4. Stock AE86 LCAs - $30
    I run adjustable rose jointed fronts, and these have just been sitting in my garage since i swapped about 12 months ago. Ball joints and everything were fine when they were removed from the car, so i presume they are still fine

    5. Manual steering knuckles - $40
    Had these chilling in the garage for years. In perfect condition. Great to cut up and use for cut and shut steering knuckles (thats what i did, and they are boss)

    Can get pictures if required, but everyone should know what this stuff looks like.

    All parts are located in Wollongong NSW, an hour South of Sydney. And im happy to post everything.

    If anyone wants to swap me for stuff, im interested in any 4x114.3 15" wheels (preferably SSR or an equivalent decent brand) but they must be 3 piece. I dont care if they have welded barrels or if the outers are ruined, so long as i can split them to make fat, manly sized skid wheels out of

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    I will take the rear shocks. If you find the springs I might grab them too. Need them sent to melb 3012. Pm me a total price and account details. Cheers.

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