Good day,

I have bought a mini-van , which frees me up to convert my 8 year old family sedan into something a little more impractical for some time trials. With that in mind, the last time my buddy was in Japan he shipped me a totaled sxe10 manual auto and a second engine+tranny for parts.

What I need some help with is some flywheel/clutch parts advice. I did read this thread:
Which inspired me to join and post this question...

Without importing a lightened flywheel/clutch from overseas (~$1400) does anyone have an idea of how I can create a lightened flywheel/clutch setup that would allow me to use domestically available parts and possibly use a different starter than what comes with the sxe10.

Toyota sent the US several cars with the 3s, but never the blacktop or the j160 tranny, hence my little problem.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated,