It's time for us to upgrade to a larger car, thanks to starting a family..... so the little Audi has to go
Very sad to see it go, it's in fantastic condition, is really fun to drive, and it will be missed.

It's been family owned since brand new, with my dad buying it off the showroom floor back in early 2001 (its a 10/2000 build), and me buying it off my old man in July 2011. Being a showroom car, its fully optioned up.

Listed on carsales:

Factory Details:
- Audi A4 1.8T Quattro GP version (B5 series)
- October 2000 build, sold 2001 to my dad.
- Turbo 1.8L 20V engine, 132kW version (the lastest B5 quattro, aka the "GP edition")
- updated AJL engine, with better turbo, more boost, and more awesomes
- 4WD quattro, 5sp manual gearbox
- full black leather interior
- projector headlights
- metallic paint
- sports pack suspension (factory lowered, and upgrade shocks)
- factory sunroof
- front foglights
- full climate control aircon
- digital LCD dash display
- 17" factory alloy rims (5 of them!)
- 182,000kms
- log book servicing up to around 150,000kms

The Other Bits of Noteworthyness
- 225/45R17 tyres, around 60% or better tread (bought new when i took it off dad)
- Completely replaced front suspension and steering components (was a 2 day job!!!)
- aftermarket MP3 CD headunit (Alpine or Sony, depending on sale price)
- Jaycar Response 5" splits up front
- Vifa 6.5" speakers in the rear
- Projector headlights converted to HID
- front and rear bars re-sprayed 11 months ago
- new lower front bar fitted 11 months ago
- tinted windows (done by timtams on toymods not even 2 months ago)
- brand new replacement clutch with lighter single mass steel flywheel brand new in box, ready to fit (when the stock clutch dies)

It's pretty much stock, bar the stereo fitted and HID headlights.
Everything else ive done has just been fixing the car really.

THe front suspension is a common issue with this model car. After around 120,000-150,000kms all the ball joints and bushes in teh front suspensino feck themselves.... so when i took the car off dad i replaced the ENTIRE front suspension and tie rods with brand new German Meyle items (upgraded over factory). It brought the handling back to life and really shows just how great this car handles now.
Here is the kit i bought -

At the same time, i bought a replacement clutch and flywheel package from ECS tuning -
This replaces the stock dual mass flywheel and clutch, which costs around $2000 to replace (have to replace flywheel as well).
I havent fitted it yet, cos the factory clutch is still going strong!
I have been priced up at $450 to fit the new clutch combo with B&R Brakes castle hill.

About a year ago some knob wanged the front bar.... so we got that replaced, along with a lower front bar, and then got both the front and rear bar re-sprayed (rear bar had some scratches).

The paint has been treated with the McGuires 3-step treatment pretty much its whole life since new, and looks AWESOME with a fresh wash.
Also, my dad had the bonnet and guards resprayed a couple of years back to fix some stone chips with Prestige Auto Salon Rydalmere.

Rego expires July 2013.
Kms are 182,000.

If you have questions post here or PM me.

Price is $9,800 ono
Located: Baulkham Hills, Sydney