After some concrete info as all i have heard so far are wives tales...

Wanting to get some sort of dash cluster working in my SR20 KE

Mostly I just want the tacho and a working fuel gauge, but if the speedo can work using a RB20 speedo cable ( rb20 box on sr Bellhousing) then thats a bonus. No need for oil, warning lights, temp etc

My options right now in order of preference are

A: Using the current Tacho Dash that only has operating turn signals and a fuel guage that works when it feels like it ( fyi, havent checked sender yet so that might be faulty)

B: Using an s13 cluter and retrofitting it into the dash. (ew) have heard a few things about fuel sender issues here

C: Full aftermarket setup

Feel free to tell me im pushing shit up hill and should just opt for the aftermarket setup, but i would love to get the stock stuff working
Currently running stock ECU

Any experience here is greatly appreciated, finding dead ends all over the interwebs