Hey guys, been thinking it over for a few days and I'm selling up and selling out.

83 KE70, beige in colour with next to no interior.. the body is really rusty and would need alot of work to be roadworthy so would make either a decent track car or would be awesome for someone looking to do the conversion with their own car, could save alot of time and save a bit of money hunting down everything you need.

- Blacktop 20v 4AGE, new timing kit and rear main seal
- Sam Q RWD water kit
- Sam Q velocity stacks
- SP Tec dizzy relocation kit
- eBay alloy radiator for AE86 with standard AE111 thermo fitted
- OBX headers, 2" side pipe with a muffler
- Brand new clutch master and slave with braided line
- 60L fuel cell, VL lift pump, 1L surge tank, two new fuel filters and a Bosch 070
- Using an AE71 crossmember, mounts and pedalbox
- Brand new button clutch to suit W55
- W55 gearbox with a Toycool? 4A to W5x bellhousing and brand new starter motor
- T.R.S short shifter, feels absolutely amazing
- Locked T18 T series diff with new wheel cylinders and a custom one piece tailshaft. Have spare open centre to come with.
- BC coilovers up front with 8kg springs and BC adjustable height spring seats, 6 kg springs and shocks in the rear. Come with spanners.
- AE86 hubs and new wheelbearings.
- ADM AE86 brakes with new Brembo discs and some new pads.
- AE86 power steering knuckles with 50mm AJPS RCA's
- Whiteline adjustable panhard rod

There's probably more that I'm forgetting.
Car comes on 14x7 -5 Chevoit Centreliney things with 185/60 fronts and 195/60 rears

Some pics

You could drive the car home on a day permit but I'm fairly sure the ECU is in limp mode so won't rev very high. Been having electronic gremlins since Matsuri. Just needs to have some time spent on sorting out the wiring.
This setup has done just under 400km and did one drift day at Matsuri just gone, many people can vouch for this. I think I'm just over the engine conversion thing for now.
My friends and I have put alot of effort and time into this car so am sad to see it go so soon but someone else can capitalise on this and score a bunch of conversion gear or a track car for themselves.

If there is no interest in the car as a whole, I will part it out.

I'm looking for $5,500 as is

Car is located in Byron Bay, Northern NSW and you contact me via PM or by SMS on 0432485733
Feel free to ask any questions.