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Thread: AE86driftprojects.... well..... drift project!

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    Default AE86driftprojects.... well..... drift project!

    Hello from the USA (south florida to be more specific)!! Wasn't too sure on where to start so i guess a build thread will work. First to start with the concept of the car. 3 friends came together to build a "just for fun" drift car. So with saying that 3 of us have access to this account and will post from here and now trying to find information that we possibly cant find. Our names are James, Johnny, and David, and we have about 5-8 years each with building cars.

    To start I'm James (actually the one typing all this at the moment). I'm more of a Honda enthusiast, and have built a couple cars, the main project right now being my daily driver CRZ. Ive owned it for about a year and 4 months now so this is where i have it at the moment.

    Next is David who has the 95 240sx pictured above and has owned the car for almost 7 years now. needing some minor work its still pretty strong even with a blown head gasket at the moment and slides the car whenever he gets the opportunity.

    Then we have Johnny who has built many Hondas but has settled and has been rebuilding his favorite eg hatch for a couple years now, with goals of 600hp plus and as a track/show car. With dreams of always wanting to build a RWD car, and learn how to drift as well. This is how the project currently sits with a freshly built motor waiting for high amount of boost.

    so with the introductions and our backgrounds some what explained id like to introduce our new joint project

    and a shot with my car in it as well

    its stock. bone stock, like 300k+ on the stock motor stock! unmolested minus an aftermarket steering wheel that will be pitched shortly. The car came from a friend of johnnys for 2k, and includes the 16v twin cam and an extra transmission. We dont personally own the vehicle yet but it will be ours very shortly hopefully by the beginning of next year itll be looking much different.

    for now the main focus is the motor. factory is the carbed sohc, which has a rod knock and absolutely no power to it. Since this is just a small project between friends were not looking to spend 10-20k into this thing. more of just get it to a point where its clean for shows and can go out and hold its own on the track. Think we have decided on a KA24DE twincam, to drop in and add about 8lbs or so of boost to bump it up to around 250hp/tq or so. Ill be updating this as we go along. Thanks for your time, for reading this and hope you guys enjoy how we go about this project.
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    Looks good a clean pickup there.... Welcome to our community.
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