New goodies! Find all of this stuff in the shop:

We've just scored the latest versions of these spinning turbo keychains which feature new improved paint quality. The impeller spins when you blow into it, ball bearing construction and all! $10.

Battery powered Electronic BOV Keychain makes a BOV sound when you press the button! $17.

Yup, the rotor actually rotates in the caliper. $8.

Coilover Keychain, yup the spring compresses! $10.

Mini angry turbo plush toy. 7cm in size. $10.

Rotary Keychain, super nice quality, extra chunky and available in black chrome or chrome. $10.

Small Turbo Phone Dangle available in chrome or black chrome. $8.

Black BOV Keychain. $8.

Find all of this stuff in the shop: