Subaru Australia has announced that an additional 140 cars for production in February / March 2013.

"We're delighted that Fuji Heavy Industries has recognised the enormous demand for BRZ in Australia and allocated additional production," Subaru Australia managing director Nick Senior said.

This gives buyers on the waiting list little comfort as there are currently more than 750 cars currently on backorder. The initial allocation of 201 cars this year, which were only offered online in July 2012 for sale sold out within 3 hours of going live on the internet.

Effectively, the extra allocation might see a reduction of approximately 2 months in the wait time for the BRZ. Whilst this is better than nothing given some orders have already have a lead time of 12 months not all buyers are satisfied.

BRZ details can be accessed online from, or directly from

Customers can check their vehicle progress online to view estimated time of arrival.

Subaru is contacting all customers awaiting a BRZ to advise them of the latest developments.