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Thread: A31 nissan cefiro

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    Default A31 nissan cefiro

    Hi all names josef, used to own a ADM ae86 sprinter... miss that car... here is my 3rd car i have owned (2nd was a holden vectra for daily, and 4th is a gt86 coming from nihon! happy days!)

    so onto car things, boring day at work my company is new in melb so not much business, pulled my car into the factory, quick wash n some slight additions to the car and office!

    so heres the specs when i bought the thing, was already done i just made it roadworthy... yeah...
    mods listing
    engine: rb20det (out of r32)
    rb20 box manual conversion
    rs yamamoto chiped ecu soon to be swapped n tuned
    locked 4.33 diff
    hight flowed r33 turbo
    52mm radiator
    twin el thurmo fans
    3" turbo back exhuast with twin pipe magnaflow muffler and high flow cat
    bosch 040 fuel pump
    catch can
    gfb boost tap
    new water pump timing belt power steering pump and all belts.
    new welsh plugs and rear main
    pbr heavy duty clutch.
    new clutch master and slave

    suspention and brakes:
    5 stud conversion
    r32 calipers all round
    new pads and roters all round
    new brake master cylinder
    new bc coilovers
    new jic front caster arms
    new jic rear camber arms
    new gk tech rear toe arms
    new tie rod ends
    front and rear top strut braces
    new soft brake lines

    blue dildo shifter
    r33 4 door front seats
    dash mat
    apexi turbo timer
    sparco boost guage
    tacho does not work soon to be fixed maybe if i can be bothered

    very good pineer head unit
    new pioneer front splits
    j-car rear splits
    jbl 12" sub
    j-car monoblock amp

    HID low beams (replaced to better lights, standardish, these werent to good)
    white led packers
    window visors
    roof wing
    latle model chrome grill(might remove it so i dont smash it at track days or somthing... thoughts?)
    17" work rims 8" front 9" rear. (paint on wheels pealing, need referb) currently running some stockers
    clear front indicators
    autech side skirts not on the car, anyone wanna buy em? :/
    rolled rear guards

    and havnt done anything else to it but got it roadworthy so ill just post some pics i took at work today n some before the clean up.

    here are some pics of it chillin at home and the other set of rims i have for it.

    here is my car in the epic factory it took me and some peeps a week to reorder, super fun times.
    n yes its radiator warehouse, hola at me if you need a new radiator have full alloys etc for most perfermance oriented things will chuck some up on the forums for sale later so keep an eye.

    and the cockpit

    pedobear stalking childrenready to pounce

    new office mascot! left this sticker lyin around to long n the sun killed it so it went on the wall now the building has 10 extra killerwasps

    enginebay! i saw a drift car in japland where they just got rattlecan black and went over the whole engine bay, id like to do that plus i cbf cleaning it. also my power steering reservoir has no cap anyone got any ideas what will fit or where i can grab one i was just guna cable tie tin foil over the top

    me keys and desk at work, my old sprinter key for nostalgia sake and an assortments of cute japanese cat character key charms which will litter my dash which im just adding red wire ties to.

    the work runabout! its a toyota but not the coolest n u cant fit stock in the back well not alot anyway!

    so being a jdm car it carries a space saver not a full spare, i have had electrical issues n like my jumper cables n batterly pack with me, i also like a spare wheel, and my dirty purple bag of tools, being to lazy and no where near skilled enough to craft a plywood or foam boot...holder... contraption i chose to be bogan and grab some old filthy pillows, some new dirty cheap shitty pillows and use them to stop shit rattling or damaging stuff in the boot... like a lazy boss..

    and the dash with my cats!! yes i was at work, business was slow so i did this coz.. why not? :/

    and the stickers! the original tokyo nissan dealership sticker from the 80's! and work promo sticker coz... work drift car?

    so this is my daily driven drifter for the moment its been a love hate relationship n it doesnt help its case that its a nissan.. not even a datsun.. but its not bad, its pretty unique, umm i have it up for sale but i rkn ill keep it a little longer xD

    thoughts? comments? mocking? GO!
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    I love those cats

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    thanks xD
    4-ac stock sprinter.

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