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Thread: MRT review Toyota 86 vs Scion FRS vs Toyota 86

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    Default MRT review Toyota 86 vs Scion FRS vs Toyota 86

    MRT is a workshop based in Sydney which has for the past decade been considered a Subaru specialist and has a strong reputation for producing quick subarus. It is not surprising that this biased review has been posted favouring the Subaru BRZ over the Toyota 86.

    In the video Dave Chenery a whiteline engineer is being interviewed by the owner of MRT Brett Middleton, Dave Chenery claims to have driven all 3 cars and found the following...

    * Scion / BRZ handled quite well, highly damped good spring rate low profile tyres
    * Toyota 86 Soft in feel, spongy compared to scion - comfort car , claims a fair bit of money is required to be spent to bring the Toyta up to same spec as the BRZ
    * More aero development work on BRZ

    To me this interview is rubbish and the handling claims are based entirely on how stiff the car feels instead of how it actually handles. Additionally the cars are supporting different rims and tyre profiles.

    The interview is sales focused and biased towards buying whiteline products, to which no surprise MRT is a distributor of.

    View the full interview here...

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    Saw that video a while back. Comparing a 86 GT to a BRZ/Scion FRS which has different rims, tyres and brakes
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