As per title, 3 31x10.5x15" 4x4 All terrain tyres, 2 just legal one a bit better look old, good for spares have to go soon or going in tyre pile to be scrapped just thought someone might need some.

5x 185/70 R13 tyres, just legal tread on 4 one is at least 50%, all are old and cracked and probably wouldn't pass RWC, probably only good for skids

Only deal is you take one set of tyres not just one or 2 tyres, haha. So you want 1 A/T you take all 3 or you take 2 of the 13's you take them all, haha.

Anyone let me know not going to hold going in tyre scrap pile at the end of the week if no one wants them.

0423 684 172 - Jake. Call after 10.