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Thread: 4AGZE LSD gearbox/shafts and a bunch of 4AGZE parts for sale...

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    Default 4AGZE LSD gearbox/shafts and a bunch of 4AGZE parts for sale...

    Item: All items as listed below.
    Location: Melbourne, Kensington 3031
    Website: the inner nets
    Item Condition: used
    Reason for Selling: no longer have car and this stuff were the spares in case anything went kaboom.
    Price and Payment Conditions: as per below.
    Extra Info: nah.
    Pictures: will upload some stuff soon.
    Contact Details: PM, reply, thank you.
    All this 4AGZE stuff were spares for my car which I have now sold and all items came from working cars.

    4AGZE LSD gearbox with shafts. This box came out of an AE92 and the shafts look like they were reoe’d not too long ago as they still have the reco stickers and rubbers look excellent. Shame I never got this in the car in the end but hey now it an go in yours! UPDATE: This box is E58-11c viscous - the half cut was an AE101, then into an AE92 and now on my floor for sale - pics below.

    4AGZE Alternator: To suit 4agze engines where the alternator sits pretty low. Was working fine off the donor car.

    4AGZE Starter motor: To suit 4AGZE engines. Was working fine off the donor car.

    4AGZE AFM: Spare AFM I had, even tested it and it was fine. (I had this one as these are a pain to find quickly when your AFM goes)

    4AGZE DLI Coils.

    4AGZE SC12 supercharger: I had this running on my car for awhile and it is good. Holds compression, not noisy and not stuffed (like so many others on the bay).

    Part number: 89661 – 12171
    Was working fine as I had this running my engine whilst I replaced the capacitors in the other ECU.

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