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Thread: The Green Machine - AE71 4AGTE Pano Build

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    Yeah been strapped for time, not much done recently
    Got some sweet ITG DCOE twin weber airfilters and made them fit over the SQ stacks, a T3 splash guard, and a real carbon fiber timing cover as my stock one was damaged from the importing process and needed to be replaced anyway, so why not bling it up?
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    Got this rad Kamei front spoiler, I really like it on the slantly front! its only mocked up with 2 tech screws holing it in place, the corners fit way better then the pic shows.
    Treated myself to a custom number plate. Tried to get DOP371, but they canned it cause it was a "drug reference", so got OAE710 as a compromise. Then I see a FT86 parked in the driveway not more than 100m from my house with DOP386 number plates....was not happy, but yeah, he got cool plates!
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    Poor thing, looks so neglected.

    Decided that 8kg front springs in my coilovers where just going to be stupid on the street, so bought a second pair of XT130 struts with the twin piston calipers. Got a set of GAZ short stroke SW20 MR2 front adjustable strut inserts brand new from UK for $330 shipped, custom valved to suit a set of custom King springs to suit XT130 lower perch and AE71 98mm top perch with a set of K-Mac adjustable camber/caster tops. I could have just got new springs, but I wanted to keep the stiff coilovers as spares that I could just in swap when I wanted. Its like 5 nuts, 2 lines and bleed, meh.
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    I also purchased a whole KE72 front end from NZ, just sorting out the details on how to ship it in to Aus.
    Got a KE72 diesel grill and lights from Rolla Resources on Facebook. Super cool guy, very easy to deal with and package it all up really well before sending it. Took like a week to get to me with shipping only costing $70.
    This is my inspiration! UEO KE72 2 door high roof full glass drift wagon.
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    I might go full glass if I can find it all...but not entirely sure, I really like the full metal panels....
    So yeah, more to come....
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