Work VS-XX in like brand new condition.

Hey guys, got my work vs-xx refurbished in tiffany co blue and all the rash removed to make them look brand new.. Wondering if Id have any interest on here for possible other cars you guys own??????

Sizes are 17x9 +18 all round, with 52mm back spacing so will clear stock s14/15 brakes & pretty sure skylines as well including GTR.

They are 5x114.3

They will look exactly like this:

Heres how that finished up. Bad light so the colour isnt as bright:

Will trade for a nice set of rims to suit stock body 86. + cash if need be. Looking for $2500 at the moment but if youve got shit to swap im more than happy to swap.

Parts im interested in & in priority order.

- Car trailer - nsw & with rego

- Wheels - No wider than 8 & an offset of 0.

- a complete ae86 front suspension setup. Interested in staying toyota - corona LCA, front coilovers to suit standard adm ae86 front brakes & hubs, modified knuckles to suit with extra lock & appropriate roll center adjusters as well

- bride, recaro with seat rails to suit ae86.

Anything else you think id be interested in