Cheap S14 - $7200

Good for potential drift project.
I bought it not too long ago with that damaged front corner, so I replaced the guard and front bar. You can drive it the way it is but if you want you can get another bonnet, absolutely up to you.

From what I remember it's pretty standard manual converted S14. Has a load of servicing stuff, oil, gaskets n stuff which I never got around to doing.
Top of my head it's pretty much got BC coilovers, some spacers, few bits n bobs here n there but nothing really big. But essentially it's pretty much standard, keep off the radar!

Basically sale due to being made redundant and figured I'd go travel with the time off!

I also have CST hyper 18x9.5 for sale which can go with the car at a better price.

Located Parramatta area

I'm happy to consider trades though I'd probably want around 5-6k my way so it'll most likely be a dunger of a car. Some cheap get around nugget poo poo spec.