4A-GE Crank Pulley
SINGLE row 4AGE Crank Pulley.

These lightweight pulleys are CNC machined from solid billet 6061 T-6 Aluminum.

The factory 4AGE crank pulley weighs in at 1532 grams.
These replacement pulleys weigh in at 638 grams!!!
Because it is rotating mass, this will do the exact same thing as lightening your flywheel! This makes for a quicker revving and more responsive motor.

The stock 4AGE crank pulley has a nasty tendency for the keyway to break out on cars running high RPM's, leaving you stranded at the track without a functional motor.
We have have made the keyway boss on the backside of these pulleys 150% larger to prevent this.
These pulleys are blanced and will not cause unwanted vibration in the motor

Single row pulleys are intended for cars running Alternator and water pump only.

Single row pulleys are available for the following chassis:

AE86 Corolla GTS; AE82 FX16 Corolla; AW11 MR2; AE92 Corolla GTS; AE101 Silvertop 20V; AE111 Blacktop20V

-.88 buck's

Pulleys are available in SILVER only finish.