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Thread: 4AGE into KE70 conversion parts

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    Default 4AGE into KE70 conversion parts

    Hi guys,

    Clearing out my 'stash' as I've got a new rustless shell to use Everything came out 1 week ago.

    - original AE71 pedal box, reasonably new clutch master cylinder, clutch hard line, clutch soft line. Everything for $250 and I'd rather not separate it.

    - speedo cable suit T-50 and AE71/KE70 dash. $40

    - XT130 LCA's. As new ball joints and bushings. Slight increase in track. $75

    - AE71 dash cluster (with tacho). Works perfectly. $50

    Located in Brisbane, and I'm happy to negotiate if your serious. Feel free to give me a call on 0408 745 636 if you have any queries, or shoot me a PM.

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