The end of 2012 saw more than just a celebration welcoming the new. At Bendix a new product was released on the market, Bendix “Advanced Blue Titanium Stripe” Brake Pads and Shim Technology are the latest advanced development from Bendix engineers.

The new Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe Brake Pad (BTSBP) has been developed to further improve stopping power and providing a new level of power right of the box. The new BTSBP is designed to mate with the rotor when the brakes are first applied, to provide a full performance for the get go!

The BTSBP eliminate the need to bed in the brakes, saving you time and money. Utilising metamorphic minerals created by nature under extreme presses and temperatures the all new BTSBP thicker pads wont only last long, but go further.

The new Bendix Shim Technology have been designed to effectively prevent the transmission of vibration and noise from the brake pad by reducing the effect of dynamic forces generated when putting down that brake pedal. Also been designed specifically for each brake pad type, they will continue to absorb vibration and reduce noise for the life of the pad.

Advanced Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe Brake Pad and noise dampening performance of the advanced Bendix shim means the drivers can put their foot down with confidence.

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