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Thread: (VIC) AE7111 FOR SALE! HAD THE WORKS DONE!+spare motor+2 spare front ends

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    Exclamation (VIC) AE7111 FOR SALE! HAD THE WORKS DONE!+spare motor+2 spare front ends

    Hey all,
    Time to sell my lil girl.
    I need to buy a wagon to be able to transport my things around and cant let the things get wet in a trailor annnnnd... well... ive lost my licence again... :'(
    Have loved her since I bought her from these forums so some of you may know her already.
    She has had heaps of work done to her, so much that i cant even name it all.
    tho some things are.

    shes red, (red is the fastest color)
    EFI 4age red top.
    small port head
    Quad throttles
    Corona spindles
    adjustable camber top
    custom coilovers with excel-g inserts (front)
    tokico adjustable red short stroke (rear)
    TRD 4:11 LSD
    one piece tail shaft
    corona live axle
    4 wheel disc
    ultra racing braces through out
    tow ball
    motul oil throughout

    Also comes with a spare red top long motor
    and 2 spare front ends,
    1 JDM quad lights and panels
    1 aus ke70 flat fron square lights

    Car needs a lil bit of work to get in smick condition but will pass rwc with ease as I cleared 2 defects in the last 2 months...
    1 was tires
    other was tire plackard and water in washers so she passes with ease.

    6k with no rwc.
    7k with rwc. (reason why 1k more is because my time is valuable)
    if your keen hit me a msg and might be able to work out a price or if u have a half decent wagon might consider swaps.

    msg or ring only 0421 971 575.

    Cant post pics up for some reason, so msg me for pics...

    dont know if this will work, might have to jump onto fb to sus it?

    Cheers Macca
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