The Bendix Brake System Guide

Brake systems are sometimes a neglected piece of the car, normally forgotten until reminded by the squeal of a brake pad or the grind of a brake rotor.

How Brakes Work:

Applying the brakes activates a power booster forcing hydraulic brake fluid through the master cylinder and combination valve, via brake lines to all four wheels.

Disc Brakes:

The wheel assembly consists of a wheel hub and rotor with a caliper housing the disc brake pad. A piston in each caliper forces the disc brake pad against the rotor, creating the necessary friction to stop the rotor spinning.

How Often?

Brakes are out of sight and generally out of mind. Your brake system should be thoroughly checked once a year as a minimum. In as little as fifteen minutes, a brake specialist can give your car’s braking system a safety check.

Bendix has put together a ‘Brake System Guide’ which basically isolates brake components and their maintenance requirements.

To download the full brake system guide Click Here