I'm new to the forum so thought I should put up a member rides thread, I've owned about 7 corollas ranging from a gold KE10, KE18 (some people may have seen it at some DS and AJP meets, the one with the rising sun roof, fender mirrors etc), KE30, KE36, KE70 wagon and a AE82 with a 20v blacktop and a now parts AE82 with a bigport 4AGE. I've also owned a R33 skyline and a couple Celicas.

This is my new daily a ugly green high top ke70, doesn't look that flash...

The good thing is the smallport 4age in the engine bay, that was a photo when I was changing my parts over from the other ke70 wagon that I owned. I will get some better photos up later but really, its just another stock looking ke70 with a 4age in it..

It does have ae86 coilovers, slotted rotors blah blah blah as well.

Couple pics of some of my other rolls that I had

Plan is to buy a ke70 sedan or another ke30 and swap my spare bigport 4age into it, use it as a daily and use the green one for other things..