Yeap today was our 4th Dent Hero Dent Removal Day @ Zen Garage and it was perhaps the busiest day we've hosted so far, with a very diverse range of vehicles too. Again, the technician (Bruce Lee) just killed it and blew minds ALL DAY LONG. Those in attendance were watching up close, and tripping out and how he managed to make dents disappear!

1st car up was this gorgeous M3. Fat tyres FTW!

Next up this black on black beemer.

Next up this Maserati Gran Turismo which blew us away (and the 100% perfect dent removal blew the owner away... hard!).

Then this crazy 8MR rocked up. Lumpy as fuck, crate engine from the USA.


Golf R. Euro cars dominated the day.

Triton was hit in the back, job for a panel beater? Nah stuff that! Dent Hero to the rescue.

Add one EVO.


Just managed to snap this Lexus. We missed the car before it which was another Golf. A white MKVI GTI.

The Regamasters on this DC5R were perfect.

CRZ with lots of Mugen bits. Fresh!

Hybrid Racing!

Joanna's GTI.


Will's new toy.

Eugelyn's DC2 - Later that night the Filthy Ones crew rocked up to meet before a shoot for ALL STARS.

Killer M3 parked outside.

Longest bonnet ever.