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Thread: Custom AE86 JIC Coilovers w/ RA60 big brake upgrade. $250!! Includes knuckles, LCAs, calipers, hubs+disks [FAR NORTH NSW]

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    Default Custom AE86 JIC Coilovers w/ RA60 big brake upgrade. $250!! Includes knuckles, LCAs, calipers, hubs+disks [FAR NORTH NSW]

    For sale here are a pair of JIC AE86 front coilovers that have been modified with RA60 stubaxles and caliper mounts (using the whole lower section of an RA60 strut) so you can use bigger Celica brakes- won't clear a 13" wheel. Included are LCAs & steering knuckles to suit, Celica calipers + pads, hubs+vented disks and two pairs of springs of unknown rates (one pair is the fancy kind with helper springs however the collars for the helper springs are missing).

    I bought these years ago (probably going on 7-8 years ago?) with the intent of restoring and using them but it never happened, they have been in storage ever since. All modifications were carried out by the previous owner who went under the handle adsport on toymods. Fillet weld where the stub axle assy. is attached looks good to my untrained eye.

    These are in pretty rough condition and suit restoration. They are an unknown quantity as they've been in storage for so long and they've had a hard life, however I can tell you that the wheel bearings seem good and that one damper is definately blown. The spherical bearing in both camber tops is siezed and I'm not sure if the plates themselves are any good.

    I'm after $250 FIRM which is basically giving them away. They're big, heavy and I'd like the buyer to see what they're getting in person so they're pickup only. I'm located about 10 minutes out of Ballina NSW and about an hour from the gold coast so it's an easy drive from SEQ. PM if you're interested.

    Eyeballing them, LCAs appear to be the same length and dimensions despite the different dimples on top.

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    Would you post to Vic?

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