Times have changed and I've lost my motivation to finish my project drift car, uni is about to start up again and I'm not really in the position to be able to use it much even if I do get it finished.

The car is as follows
1984 KE70 originally yellow now painted in primer filler colour, body is pretty rough.
16v 4AGZE
Custom High mount mainifold
TDO5H-14B Turbo
RX7 Injectors
Haltec E6X ECU
ARE Intercooler
Trust/Grex Greddy Oil cooler and relocation kit
5-Puk Solid Button (Direct Clutch services)
2 1/2 inch exhaust
Locked 4.3 Borgy
2.5L Surge Tank
2 Bosch Fuel pumps one is an 044

Flat Front Converted
Venetian Rear Blind cut into a roof wing
Saab Boot lip
Fender Mirrors
5 point AE86 roll cage (Metallic Pink)
Fixed back bucket seat

Tein AE86 Front coilovers
Sigma LCA's
Cusco Camber tops
Cusco Strut Brace
JDM AE86 front brakes
AJPS lock spacer
TRD 8-way blue rear shocks
AU Falcon Springs
RA60 celica rear sway bar
Adjustable rose-jointed jdm rear pan hard rod

At the moment the car is in a few pieces but has most of the stuff needed to finish it off. To finish it I would say it need, Some barb fittings for the fuel pumps and surge tanks, fuel hose, fuel system mounted in the boot, cage mounted, Wiring finished (Alternator and starter wired, ignition system tapped into), would need a tune as the ecu is mapped for the larger rx7 injectors (Still ran before however), needs the clutch slave and hardline hooked up (is all there just needs to be connected), needs tailshaft fitted, is also there. Needs brakes bleed and some fluids in the necessary places and should be good to go.

Chasing $4500 Fairly well firm.
If you have anymore question feel free to ask me, Nick 0431267440
Car is located in Brisbane on the North side.

Doesn't have these wheels anymore.