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Thread: What jet size for single mikuni solex on 4k

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    Exclamation What jet size for single mikuni solex on 4k

    Ok guys n gals I've searched the forum with no luck finding the answer
    ide like to know what jet sizes I should be running in a single side draft mikuni solex carb on a standard 4k engine.
    I bought the car with this carb setup already installed but the previous owner said he just bought it and stuck out on and never got it jetted to suit this engine,I've tried tuning and playing with the timing but the best I have got so far is it running ok above 2500rpm and it stinks of fuel and won't idle and sometimes backfires out the carb,so basically any help would be greatly! Appreciated

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    First, you can not have any air leaks between the intake manifold and the carbi, or the intake manifold and the engine. Don't use silicon. Use a fuel resistant sealant and a cardboard gasket.

    Avoild air leaks around the carbi. Check the throttle shaft seals. Seal up all little bolts with fuel resistant sealant.

    check fuel float level in the carbi while it is running.

    Make sure ignition timing is ok.

    Check air horns inside the carbi are not loose.

    Only after everything else is done, and its driving, you may change the jets

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