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Thread: [SYD] 1995 K11 Nissan Micra

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    Default [SYD] 1995 K11 Nissan Micra

    1995 Silver Nissan Micra Lx Manual
    I purchased the car from Blue Mountains Mazda where it had been servaced there for the past couple of years. An old lady use to own it, literally.
    Gearbox and clutch is in great condition.
    New Dizzy and leads from Nissan UK ~6000km Sparks were replaced ~1000km
    New upper hoses from Nissan UK ~6000km
    Recod bluebird alternator ~2000km
    Upgraded Radiator and fan, never gets over half on the temp sensor.
    Aspect Racing headers (barely any left in the world)
    Ga15 throttle ~2000km Bought new
    Short shifter with 25cm dildo shifter and stock gear knob
    Stock intake, pod filter or 6 velocity stack (pictured)
    Super S Dash
    Genuine Micra Floor Mats in almost new condition
    Haynes Workshop Manual
    Castrol 10w-40 has been put in it <1000km (Filter done to)
    Coolant was flushed and replaced around ~6000km
    Factory Jack and wheel changing equipment as well as a 13x5 steel wheel with a brand new 155/70 tyre on it.
    175/60/13s all round. Plenty of tread.
    Nismo Grill can be included. (Perfection condition)
    Super S wheels on it. Only have 3 hub caps.
    There currently is no rear interior although I still have everything in my garage and can be included or even put it in if you wish. I have plenty of stock parts in my garage like stock tb, gear shifter, mud guard/flap thingys (ugly on if you ask me), stock dash cluster.
    Rego until 21st July although the car will not need an inspection (Pink Slip) until January 21st 2014.
    Odometer reads 255xxx although it is actually 210xxx as I was unaware the centres on the dashes could be changed when I purchased the Super S dash.
    This car is unbelievably clean. There is a dent on the drivers door although it is a $20 bog fix I just dont have the time to do it. The paintwork is immaculate besides a few stonechips at the front. All the interior metal where the interior is currently out has been cleaned. The car gets vacuumed and washed weekly and detailed at least once a month. Never had a breakdown once, super reliable.
    I am selling as I need to fund my ke70 I just bought.
    All the photos are on my imageshak and are found here :
    I am located between Campbelltown and Camden.
    $3600 although very negotiable.
    Car easily keeps up with VE commodores to 100km/h

    Edit: has new rear sleeves and machined drums ~1000km
    0410394161, Very negotiable.

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    It's not letting me post photos D:
    imageshak link is there, I'll try again later tonight for photos on here.

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