Title pretty much sums it up. I have for sale a set of ADM AE86 wheels.
4x114.3 (duh) so they'll fit all your KE's and an endless list of other early 4 stud cars.
They're 5" wide, 13" round.
I am lead to believe they're a +27, based on the markings on the wheels (although they say -27 that seems unlikely) though I cant say for sure.
If your after wheels to perfectly fit your guards, they're probably not for you, though they are a step up from your standard steelies.
They are in pretty good nick, though not perfect. Minimal rash on the lip, recently polished (by me, so it really just cleaned them, no mirrors here)
Do not come with any tyres.

South Adelaide
Text 04 4849 5423
Thanks, Sam.

It would seem the attachments thing on this site isn't working for me, anyway here are some pictures: