To the car enthusiast, there is no greater worry than losing your pride and joy. Whether written off in an accident, relegated to the scrap heap from a breakdown or worse still, lost to overwhelming debt and watching heartbroken as your project, street warrior or dream car is taken out of your driveway and up your street, without you in the driverís seat.

Personal debt is at record high levels in Australia, and for many it is a constant and stressful struggle just to keep hold of the things they love. Hundreds of Australian enthusiasts are losing sleep over whether or not they might lose their car, and with calls from debt collectors coming in thick and fast, it is time for Australian motoring enthusiasts to do a burnout on their debts!

If you have found yourself in over your head, receiving calls from debt collectors and spiralling into the personal and financial problems that excessive debt can create, it is time to consolidate your debts and start managing your financial future.

Debt Consolidation is an simple, cost effective way to bring all your debts together into one payment. For more information click here

Credit Card debt is an easy trap to fall into and a tough one to get out of. With the cost of owning, modifying or just maintaining your car coupled with the rising cost of living, there is no shame in asking for a hand. Debt Fix can help.

Head to the Debt Fix website and get in touch to consolidate today, to stop the interest, fees and charges, silence debt collectors and simplify your debt into one easy and affordable payment. With Debt Fix you can keep your car, and have an easier tomorrow


Mark was a simple bloke with simple pleasures. He loved playing footy with his mates for the local team, heading up to the pub for a beer over the weekend and working on the Kingswood he had painstakingly restored with his old man before he passed away.

On a wet Sunday morning during the first half of his game against his teams rival, Mark took a dodgy tackle and ended up with a broken leg and a flare up of a knee issue that had plagued him for years.

With a broken leg Mark was unable to fulfill his tasks as a carpenter, and his boss had to let him go. Mark watched his savings disappear on rent and medical bills, while his credit card debt skyrocketed. With rising interest and calls starting to come in from collectors chasing bills, Mark spiralled into depression and was constantly anxious. When the collectors started talking about taking Markís Kingswood, something snapped and he knew he needed help.

On the advice of a mate, Mark contacted Debt Fix, who dealt with the debt collectors, sorted Markís debts into one simple and easy payment, taking the anxiety out of the repayment process and giving Mark achievable goals.

It has taken Mark two years to get back out of the red, but is now in firm control on his finances (and with his leg healed). Mark is back to wrenching on his Kingswood and is enjoying life without the financial hangover of debt.

Unlike some companies, Debt Fix knows that everyone's situation is different. We understand your unique situation and the level of customer service you deserve. If you have bad credit or if you are struggling to pay your debts, then debt consolidation may be the solution but whatever the situation is, we can help. Debt Fix helps people who :

Have Credit Defaults
Paid Judgements
Self Employed (no financials)
Debt Consolidation Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: I've tried everything and no one has been able to consolidate my debts. How can Debt Fix help me with debt consolidation?
A: Debt consolidation is our business. Regardless of how difficult or complicated your situation is, we are confident we can find a debt consolidation solution for you.

Q: Debt collectors are chasing me and it is creating stress and tension, I need help!
A: Debt Fix actís fast to relieve the stress and stop the calls. We will speak to your creditors on your behalf, so that you don't have to.

Q: If you canít help me, how much will my debt consolidation application cost?
A: Debt Fix will never add to your bad debt issue and we have a strict "No Fix, No Pay" policy.

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