Greddy performance have gotten serious and have assembled a very competitive car for the Forumla Drifts 10th year of competition.

Even a year on, most of us are shaking our heads wondering why Toyota / Subaru didn't do what Subaru did with the impreza range and offer both a turbo option and non turbo. Greddy have built a powerful EJ25T and dropped it into the bay.

The ever popular Wide Body Rocket Bunny Kit is present and definately looks the part.

To reduce turbo lag, a NOS direct port wet kit has been installed and is controlled by a cosworth ECU.

The driveline supports a G-Force GSR 4-speed gearbox, OS Giken two-way LSD and ever popular brembo brakes are ensuring it stops in time.

Not suprisingly, this highly modified GT86 has no issues holding a slide!

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