hey guys.

for sale.

1987 mr2 aw11 auto (comes with manual conversion)

at the moment the car is sitting up on jack stands with all the rear suspension removed and engine and gearbox removed. also removed wing and bumper so it would fit behind the shity townhouse i live at. i guess i'll have to refit suspension to get it rolling

so for the price i put up, you're buying a project.

comes with manual conversion (clutch, pedal box(fitted), clutch master(fitted), slave, all the linkages to the gear shifter etc)
the motor was running when i pulled it out but a few seals are leaking on it. bout a vrs kit that will come with the car (including crank seals)
will come with a spare 4age motor (7 rib with oil squirters)
also comes with spare rotors, pads, konni yellow shocks.
and have boxes full of spare mr2 shit. some other things i can't remember at this point.

want $1500 for it

located north of brisbane

0427 996 142

give me a call and you can ask me questions about it ect.

i'll get some more pics up asap!