Selling a few things have 2 4A AE86 boxes JDM and ADM
JDM is unknown condition but shifts fine - $220
ADM is working good box $300.

Pair of SSR fins with brand new federal RSR 595 195/50R15 15x7 0 offset $700 posted or $650 pickup (postage depends on where it's going to so may be slightly more to some locations)

T18 rear bar has been sprayed with some sort of plasti dip or similar still ok condition look at pictures to see - $150 with mounts ono

Hilux housing, diff center and axles correct length or 10mm side wider (have to double check) and I will find ratio later too $400

Will swap any items for manual VN or similar commodore or buick v6 manual and anything else needed to get running.