Hi Guys,

I used to have a mint 86 but regretfully sold it to fund another project. Lately Ive had trouble sleeping at night. Went to the doc and he asked me if I used to own an 86. He thinks that the insomnia will only go away once I get another 86 back in my life. so the search is on...

Ive had a quick look through the for sale section and unfortunately missed out on a couple good ones in there that fit what im after. Thought I would try my luck in this section. Some people may know of one for sale that isnt on the forums or maybe you've been thinking about selling but havent got around to posting it up yet. I dont get on here very often so please contact me by email. supra.fetish@gmail.com


- have rego
- run
- be reliable. I need a daily for a few months before I start getting stuck into another build
- have working electrics, lights, wipers etc.


- complete, neat, clean interior. I want to do a resto project not build a gutted track car
- straight body, no accident or minimal accident damage
- minimal rust


- not fussed about mods. cant afford to buy a wild off chops pretty much everything done to it car
- I dont care if the car isnt stock so if you have something with mods let me know what you have

I think thats about. show me what youve got