FOR SALE, Purchased from a member here. Was going to get these widened and have ultimate jizz-worthy mk3s, but have since decided not to go ahead with it, and instead pursue 14in MK3s

Brand/Model: SSR MK-3

Tyres: 195/50/15 Toyo Proxes. 3 tyres are with heaps of tread, 1 needs replacing. If they buyer is interested, I can supply a full set of 98% 195/50/15 Chinese tyres at extra cost.

Pair / Set: SET. I will split in pairs if there are two definite buyers.

PCD: 4x114.3

Diameter / Width / Offset: 15x7jj +26 and 15x6.5jj. No offset listed on the 6.5j but these have slightly more dish than the 7s. Maybe a +15ish offset.

Location: Croydon or Lilydale VIC.

Willing to Ship: (Yes/No) Yes. Usually go through E-go unless requested otherwise. I can't get to a depot, but will help arrange pickup.

Price: $700 for the set, or $400 a pair.

Willing to Swap: (Yes/No) YES! Will swap this SET for a PAIR of 14x8.5 or 14x9 in lower than +10 to NEGATIVE offset SSR mk-3's.

Condition: Wheels are fair all 'round. 7s are in slightly better condition. However if you hit them with some Autosol, they'll all come up pretty good! It's mostly just brake dust and dirt. Bolts aren't rusty. A few gutter marks. Photos supplied of the worst. As you can see, these wheels are a pussy magnet. They've been inside, providing my cat with a bed for the past 6 months or so.

Having trouble uploading atm, so here's a Facebook album with the images: