Genuine new Toyota parts
unless otherwise stated

- Private message
- Post in this thread
- call: 0421 010 890 (10am to 10pm in Victoria)

Almost all parts kept on the shelf in Victoria, is if it's urgent call

Other parts not in this list can potentially be ordered, just ask.

Prices subect to change.

GST inclusive.

- Diff baffles to suit F-series differential housings: Anyone who is using a housing originally from a MX13/MX22 is suggested to do this cheap and easy upgrade.
Price: $80 a pair

- T50 reverse switch: these love to get smashed off when gearboxes are being removed and installed so get yourself one brand new.
Price: $40

- AE86 power steering arms: a pair of brand new steering arms for quicker steering and more lock
Price: $190 a pair

- AE86 Hatch seal: new rubber seal from body against the hatch
Price: $160

- T-series diff center gasket: from the center to the housing
Price: $10

- Brand new Denso coilpacks: Originally for NZ engines which are the neatest type of coil to fit on a 16 or 20v.
Price: $90 each, Modified for 20v for an extra $5

As always there are more bits on the way