November website update

Howdy guys

thanks for sticking with us while we were away, we are back in full swing now, ready to fill Christmas stockings the world over.

We are proud to announce that we can now send Madhouse lips overseas without the need to cut in half as we can now ship via DHL for around $200 to mainland USA, 150 to NZ, and $230 to Europe. Other locations POA.

Lots has been going on, we have redesigned our business cards ( ) and a new website with online store should hopefully be up and running by the new year

We have been considering re-releasing the FOHA style lips for ae71 slant fronts. Please email if you are interested. Predicted pricing would be $295ea,

We have also improved some supply chains and stock levels that has reduced waiting time on madhouse lips and springs.

We have just released our revised street springs -

see here for specs, heights and pics -

these measurements are important when faced with the ever increasing risk of defect, we urge everyone to avoid drawing too much attention to themselves, SAPOL would love to see many of your cars removed from the road.

Our spring sale is still running on ae86 driving club

In other news - We are all ready for the Legend of the Lakes - ( ) in Mt Gambier on the 9th and 10th of November, hoping to depend our U 2L improved production title. We have fitted a weld in Kelway roll to tarmac rally specs I will post some pics in the photos section when it is painted.

Thanks again for your support

Stay safe over the Christmas period

See you in 2014.