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I nearly had the same problem as you back when I went to license my T18 back when, my receipt wasn't the best either when I bought my car. But I did manage to get my plates after the licensing officer had like a 5min whinge about it. I guess it may have paid off being the first person in the licensing centre at the time, it was proably too early for him to care.

Good luck getting the car on the road!

Thanks buddy. Yeah the guy was stumped for a bit on what to do. First he said i need to get a better receipt, and i explained i couldnt and could i just fill out a stat dec instead.....he said i couldnt do a stat dec for this. Anyway, after about 5 mins of me requesting what i needed to do he went to see his supervisor...and sure enough he came back with the stat dec paperwork.
ill call up at the end of next week to see how the paperwork is progressing.