Things are in place for us to now be a reseller of all of the products from Uni-flow.

The most common one I expect to sell is the well known uni-filter slide on "socks" as below.

Available in red, green or blue.

I am looking to retail these at $70 for 4 or $10 off a set when purchased with velocity stacks.

Notes on internal springs: These push the inside of the filters away to give over double the surface area and leave the bellmouth uncovered from the edge. Therefore they are not only much less restrictive but will last longer between cleaning intervals. For anyone who has filters that slide right up to the end their velocity stacks then these should be a quick, cheap and easy upgrade. That and no longer being likely to be sucked into an engine or catching on fire.

I also will get some of their filter oil in and try out one of their "rampods" which is shown below. These are meant to increase the net air speed after the air has gone through the intake.

If things work out I will make a large order from which I can take some proper photos of everything and post them on here.

For anyone who wants to have some in depth reading of foam vs cotton with a steel gauze: