You know as I have gone through the car years, I grew up as a V8 person and Rotors were rubbish....a 6 month engine at best that was more amusement value at any race track for myself and mates in the same mind set...bogans or what ever you want to call us at that point of life.

But over time, car maturity or what ever you call it I have come to appreciate almost all cars for the either uniqueness, ugliness or mass production level achieved of what is possibly the most plain Jane car (camry) but serves it's purpose.
In what is the last 5-7 years I have come to admire and even consider purchase of a rotor in one form or another, the FD RX7 has that effect on me. Older ones such as the 3 and R100 too now I really appreciate due to the heritage and innovation as a result how ever small it is.

But, enough of that philosophical garbage haha.

Check this 26B Quad Rotor out, they are still running it in on the vids so not giving it the rotor rev but it sounds mighty cranky and when finally able to stretch it's legs to 11 grand will just sound epic.
Have a look....I think the white and engineered layout look good.
Vids at the bottom after pics.


Secondary, what other cars (Affordable not rediculous supercars but reasonable priced ones) if you we able to buy would you pickup and either restore or buy for mod to taste?

I'd like:
KCG Hako old school
R32 V-Spec
R34 with the Mines upgrades
RX3 with the normal 13 upgrades
RX7 FD Bathurst Ed and some tasteful aero mods
Pontiac GTO Firebird
Dodge Challenger
Fastback Stang
Beemer E30
MR-S with Kens race pack aero and engine upgrades

Any of those would be nice additions...some a little on the price range creep though.