Hi all, not an ae86 but thought I'd have the most luck asking people on here.

Picked up a rolling RA65 Celica shell

Bought a beams 3sge motor for it
And a doner SA63 Celica (2sc powered) to use for the conversion bits
(Box , crossmembers, pedal box, tailshaft etc)

Anyways it's all straight forward to me but can't get a solid answer on what I need with the bellhousing/clutch/flywheel/starter area.

Box in using is the w55 from the 2sc sa63 I have,
Will this bolt up to the beams or not?
If not what bellhousing do I need and clutch/flywheel setup do I need and do I need to use a 22re spaced out starter motor with it?

Any info will be muchly appreciated

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