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    Default Stewart's AE86 GT Apex Levin Coupe

    Hey Guys,

    It has been 8 years since i was last behind the wheel of an AE86. I bought the old BelGarage Levin hatch back in 06… then bought a Levin Hatch from irish Paul a few years later. Both cars were great and taught me a lot about driving/drifting.

    I've had a few different cars since then… i bought a 180sx (sil80) and did some skids, then a 09 Renault Clio 197 R27, then had a stint with a V8… a 2012 VE SSV Redline Ute with a rather large cam and other stuff resulting in many burnouts and 347kw at the wheels… then i got bored and bought another clio… this time a bright blue 05 Clio 182 Cup.

    All this time i have been watching and forums waiting for the right 86 to come up for sale… then last saturday night it did… i got so excited, went to view it on sunday.. the drive it home on monday.

    its a 85 AE86 Kouki GT Apex Levin Coupe. I is in absolutely amazing condition, must have been restored at some point in Japan. It only came to Australia in December. Everything works..
    - Cornering lights
    - Electric window with auto up and down for driver
    - power mirrors
    - lumbar support
    - side bolsters on drivers seat adjusters

    I bought a clean levin grill for it today which looks much better than the black slat on it came with. Also I've ordered a aluminium undertray for the front as it has twin carbs on it and i don't want anything flicking up into them.

    Anyway.. I'm so happy to be back in an 86. I be driving it on weekend or special occasions..and driving my clio daily.

    free image upload
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