so after having my KE70 track car sitting waiting for a new motor and wasting more and more money into it i decided to part it out.....
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so the smartest thing to do would have been buy a road rego ke70.. and take all the juicy parts outta my track car into one... but yeah nar over the corolla life and wanted something slightly comfy... so i decided i should just buy a cressida... yeah nar everyone has a cressida.

So it was time for a crown
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ha so i brought a 1985 toyota crown ms123.....
yeah thought it was gonna be sick
the auto sucks dick...
but yeah its a crown comfy as and should look alright
- manual ( w58, ra65 clutch ect ) treating it like a mx73..
- king spring ( choppies - front ends are shit and can't have coil overs )
- 15x8 or 15x9 wheels that suite it ( the 5 stud makes me hate life )
- qld rego
wanting to try and keep this as stock as but i want to be able to drift it... have no idea how the 5mge will go but hopefully i can blow it up.. cause if i like it enough ill 1j or 2j make a good daily / drift car or sell it half way thru....
plus there is no info on crowns, can't find any build threads ( haven't really looked )

but yeah ill start manualing it on 2 weeks once i fix the water pump issue

should be a good build
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but yeah anyone got any tips on what wheel size will be mint to get it sitting good...
anyone done a man conversion?
how would you get more lock outta these....