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Thread: Chris O's AE86 IPRA #61 Race Car

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    Default Chris O's AE86 IPRA #61 Race Car

    Hey guys been a while - Gave the old girl a tidy up of recent and decided to take her out to QR for a round of the Qld IPRA championships

    After a little bit of time away from the category playing OS enduros (sepang 12hr / Sepang 1000km / Thailand 6hour)
    It was great to be back amongst mates and having some solid fun with a great group of guys and girls
    I was very interested to see where the classes and category had moved after a couple of years absent – and of course how I was going to measure up in Under 2000cc

    1st time on Advan AO50’s Friday was interesting – instant grip compared to the old Advan 48’s – took a little while to nail the pressures, but very impressed that’s for sure
    Interesting fact – This cars used the full generation so far of Yoko Semis – kicked off on A008’s – 32’s – 48’s - Now 50’s

    Weekend was a mixed one – Friday prac was quite good and showed some promise on the national circuit.
    Was getting off turn 2 real well and hard into the limiter @ 500m board down the back straight in 5th – always nice to know you’re on the money –
    (diff change needed but i CBF) so she enjoyed the limiter for a while

    Qual Saturday - Clubman Circuit really mixed things up and saw me right among the under 3000cc class and under 6000 class cars.
    Came in 5th outright and 1st in class. Neat 60sec lap time

    Race 1 Saturday – solid race on the Clubman circuit with some great battles had with the rx7’s – 1st in class and 5th Outright

    Race 2 Saturday – another cracker of a race - 1st in class and 4th Outright –
    A great 10 lap race on the national circuit – with some awesome battles happening.
    Most fun for me was going around the outside @ t1 and hanging with the rx7 through t2 / t3 / t4 – then doing the late brake down the inside into 6 to clench the spot
    and a cap it off a 1.22.3 lap time - i was wrapped

    Race 3 Sunday – didn’t pan out so well and that’s where the weekend came to a close – wet race - and things were looking okish – id found a grove and settled in after coping a serve up the arse into 2 off the start and was managing 5th outright – red flag / restart and things turned pair shaped.
    Had a little slide coming onto the front straight – and my nemesis all weekend the rx7 took the advantage and pulled out to jump past – however this is where is all went wrong, Just as he’s pulled out and stood on the gas hes found zero grip and it’s done a big “hard left turn” and drilled me in the drivers door / guard right in the middle of the front straight

    End result – busted shock / bent strut / busted hub / broken wheel stud – and a few trashed panels.
    On the trailer before lunch Sunday

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    looks so fun to drive love how late your able to break
    cancling your subscription as a humanoid

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    sorry to hear about this. i hope its easily fixed

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