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Thread: 2 piece alloy's - Torque settings

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    Default 2 piece alloy's - Torque settings

    Did a search, but did not come back with any reliant info, so......

    I have some 15x6.5 two piece rims (the barrels are just 1 piece, not welded outters) that i stripped apart, am in the trows of completing refurb.
    I had the centers powder coated and the barrels polished.

    I want to reuse the old bolts.
    Each rims has 20 bolt holes, bolts are M8.
    I did not think to record the torque setting required to remove the bolts.
    Now I can't find any info on torque settings to bolt them up.

    I found this but refers to 3 piece

    I figured somewhere between 18-22ft-lb, but I'm just guessing.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction?
    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Firstly, you can re-use the bolts but it's better not to if you are going to be torquing them to spec and they're the only thing holding the wheels together.

    In doing bolts up, I would be confident doing them all evenly and using Loctite to keep them from undoing themselves. I refurbished some 3-piece wheels but they were a welded design so bolt torque didn't really matter as long as it was tight.

    If this is of any use for you
    Toyota's standard bolt Torque settings for bolts are as follows:

    Diameter in mm:

    4T class bolts are:

    6 = 48
    8 = 9 ft-lb
    10 = 19 ft-lb
    12 = 35 ft-lb

    5T class bolts:
    6 = 56
    8 = 12 ft-lb
    10 = 24 ft-lb
    12 = 43 ft-lb

    6T class bolts:
    6 = 69
    8 = 14 ft-lb
    10 = 29 ft-lb
    12 = 53 ft-lb

    7T class bolts:
    6 = 8 ft-lb
    8 = 19 ft-lb
    10 = 38 ft-lb
    12 = 70 ft-lb

    Generally the bolt class will be marked on top of the bolt. Toyota in particular use a combination of numbers on the top of bolts (4, 5, 6, 7) or lines (two or three for 5T, 6T and 7T) Standard no-mark bolts (like guard bolts and the ones you find everywhere) are generally 4T class bolts.
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