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Thread: New on Forum, Ke70 Soon. Lots of research. Need help

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    Default New on Forum, Ke70 Soon. Lots of research. Need help

    Allright My name is Martin. I'm from Argentina and after failing to own a Datsun Bluebird 910 sss I started to look at a KE70 (which was my first option anyway). I already have a car in sight. Still waiting for some paperwork to get done on it (Car registration in Argentina sucks ass) and its almost mint condition (body 9/10. engine 8.5/10. Almost no rust at all)
    Drives really nice.

    The idea is to build a daily car for drifting.
    So after researching on forums worldwide i now have plenty of answers but have a lot more questions.

    This is what I'm looking for.

    -Suspension Upgrades -> thinking about stock s13 suspension or getting something better overseas. And what about rear suspension. I'm also thinking to lower it and get some wheels
    -Engine swap (long term)

    But for swapping i need
    -A better DIFF-> big problem, No skyline R31 possible (never got here), maybe hilux but what about wheels then? maybe a celica gt hatchback one. Maybe Corona.
    -Brakes : I was thinking about disc brakes but... adapt-madness.

    So where should i start. And thank you guys, you have a great comunity.

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    Best start is to fix the minor stuff wrong with the car and work out what power figure you want from the car and select the driveline required to support that.

    Whatever you do, don't think i'll install this bit or that until you can get the one you are after as it will cost you a fortune in re-doing it. The age old saying do it once and do it right applies.
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