Hey all! long time lurker, mainly on secret drift. Owned this car now for about 2 years. Owned a ke70 for the part of 4 years, didnt really do much as I was a student/wasnt earning much delivering pizzas, looked alright though, had;

ae86 stock suspension/brakes with cut springs
14x7 ssr mk2
random bucket seat
mad house lip

had 14x7 enkei fortress fours on it too dont have any photos handy with them on though. Fast forward 4 years and a mates old ae71 came up for sale for a good price, snapped it up and had already come with some goodies. Came with some sort of front suspension which I thought was ae86 but wasnt, 4 longchamps, ke70 manual swap lol, t3 panhard rod, good sound system, exhaust and spares. Put my wheels on it first week

First couple months it got manual, locker, bought a zeta 2, steering whee;. sold my feroce and got a pair of longchamps and took it to wet pan.

Fast forward a couple more months after doing 3 wet pan days I went and got some coilovers from jake holt, 8kg springs, cusco cambertops etc, once I did that I took it to my first peanut night, car was so well, went through one set of tyres, managed to link the track once, did another night after that but it sucked, car had shitty steer tyres and no lock, afteer that I got some 13x7 ssr mk3, ad05 for the front and it opened a whole new world, I took it to another night and the car was amazing, still sucked with stock knuckles but it handled so well, had some good runs with a 13b ke and my mates s14. Drove there drifted none stop for 5 and a bit hours and drove home. After that I put some 86 ps knuckles in it and have done a wet pan day to end the year. Sometimes between all this I got red labelled driving home from a mates, she was a real bitch about it, did me for usual stuff, tyres wheels etc.

Updated parts list so far.
4ac with full exhaust
ae86 coilovers (8kg springs)
cut king springs, kyb shocks (rear)
86 ps knuckles
cusco camber tops
t3 panhard rod
revolver rear strut brace
Advan ad05
13x7 ssr mk3 (13x7 ssr mk1 skidders)
bride zeta 2
nardi 350mm classic

some photos

This is kurts corolla which will be super cool, plans for it are basically like mine, stock 4ac with suspension, manual and will be on some orange ssr mk3, will suit the chestnut colour so well!

this is jakes r32 which is in out club/team whatever you want to call it, stock motor which he blew up haha currently getting a engine swap.

So plans for this next year is some rca for the front, trd rear springs and a new seat. Doing another peanut night before raleigh in feb!