So Recently I bought this,
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An AE-82, Toyota Corolla with its original 4A-C Carby engine inside. Built back in August 1985, with only one owner? I couldn't pass up.
Sure its not the worlds most exciting or popular car, but to me having the late 80's look and being in next to mint condition for what i paid? Its perfect.
It has a few km's on the clock at around 370k, came from a cane farm down near Bundaberg, and the older man who owned the car was one of the nicest i have ever met.
The car overall was in great condition other than a pretty messy engine bay, few missing screws throughout the car, faded plastic and a crack in one of the rear lights...
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Its unregistered for now, but tomorrow i actually have my roadworthy booked, and hope to see it become the first day for it back on the road in a few years.
At this stage i'm mainly working on cleaning up the car, e.g. replacing some bad wiring within the engine bay and giving the inside a really good clean, however who knows whats to come
- Darcy