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Thread: I need help identifying these connectors on my harnesses

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    Default I need help identifying these connectors on my harnesses

    I have two GTS dash harnesses. Each of them have some different connections.
    Both have the connection for this relay which is on the passenger side

    However only one harness has the connection for this relay. The harness that doesn't have this connection has no trace of it. It looks like it was never there. This relay is also by the passenger side

    By the passenger Junction box there are two different cables. One is grey and the other yellow. What are they used for?


    I have a GTS engine bay harness that seems to be missing connectors. I don't know if it is. It seems to have all the connectors to where it plugs into the driver side junction box, which is three. If there's more please let me know. On the passenger however, there's only one brown connector which I believe gives power to the junction box.

    If anyone can help me that'll be great.
    Thank You
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    I've edited the post so the pics show up so it's easier for people to look at what is going on...

    Dash side this plug that you are unsure of connects into the ecu, it is not uncommon for it to be cut off when people are converting a car to 4age.

    It is extremely difficult to source the plugs on the loom, so your best bet might be to find a complete GTS loom that isn't missing any plugs.
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