Hi everyone,

My name is Andrew, I'm from Melbourne and I create specific types of car posters which you may have seen on eBay and at websites for sale over the years. I primarily work in IT but am also a writer and illustrator, graphics designer and do a bunch of other things for a living. These posters are just a hobby but I take them very seriously and I'm a car enthusiast too, so want them to be as accurate as possible.

I am creating a poster which charts the evolution of the AE85 and AE86 models during their brief production period and would like to gain some assistance in trying to understand it all. It's my second Toyota poster (the first being the Soarer/Lexus coupes) and I am honestly quite confused by the differences between model trims and body appearances of the 85/86. I've spent hours trying to find images of specific models only to find resprayed bodies with custom colours and aftermarket wheels, etc, or Japanese brochures (which I could read Japanese!).

I've read through this detailed article:


It helps a lot. I also found this list of paint colours:


But there appear to be no light blue AE86s cars in existence, so I am unsure how accurate it is. I think my poster is going to end up with a lot of repeated colours as it seems there's only white, red, silver and black cars.

Trying to find a photo of a stock Australian Toyota Sprinter is proving quite difficult also.

I came up with a list of 16 models I intend to include on the poster. I plan to vary the years as I get through the list to show the facelifted models. I am just unsure what year specific models came out, and my list has a mix of Japanese, European, North American and Australian models in it. I've scrapped trying to include a DX in there as it appears impossible to try and see what one looks like.

Some questions I have:

- What year did the facelift come about?
- Was there an optional aerodynamic body kit/spoilers from 1983 onwards?
- The GTV model appears to have completely lower half two-tone paint treatment, but was that a later year?
- Is there a list of optional wheels anywhere?

Here is my planned list of illustrations. What do you think?

AE86 Trueno Sprinter GT hatch (J)
AE86 Trueno Sprinter GTV hatch (J)
AE86 Corolla Levin GT-APEX coupe (J)
AE86 Corolla Levin GTV hatch (J)
AE86 Sprinter hatch (AU)
AE86 Corolla GT-S coupe/hatch (US)
AE86 Corolla SR5 hatch/coupe (US)
AE86 Corolla GT coupe/hatch (EU)
AE86 Corolla SR5 coupe/hatch (Austria/Switzlerland)
AE85 Corolla Levin SR (hatch)
AE85 Corolla Levin SE (hatch)
AE85 Trueno Sprinter SE (hatch)
AE85 Trueno XL (hatch)
AE85 Corolla Levin GL (hatch)
AE86 Trueno Sprinter Lisse (coupe)
AE86 Corolla Levin GL-Lime (coupe)

I would really appreciate any help which could be given! These posters take weeks to make so I put a huge amount of effort into them.

Thank you in advance,


PS. Here is some preliminary work I've done so far (lights and wheel details not yet done):

And here is an example of one of my finished poster charts: